Fluid Composites

Innovators in carbon

We have a long standing heritage in composites and pride ourselves on innovation and a passion for what we do.

Consultation and DFM

From an initial concept or an already designed component, we can offer guidance on common hurdles such as material selection, manufacturing process, laminate schedule and optimum production solutions.


Using industry standard tools we can translate creative conceptual ideas in to reality, using our extensive experience in component and tooling design.


For prototyping components, we can offer cost effective solutions to suit most budgets. This is a regular exercise for us with our racing division (see Maverik Moth).

Tooling design and manufacture

Based on your component requirements, we can design and manufacture tooling for a variety of production rates. From one off parts to thousands per year we can assist.

Production manufacture

Through a variety of processes, we are able to offer production manufacture to the highest quality and are working towards ISO9001 certification.

Research and Development

Having developed our own high performance products in the Maverik Moth, we are well versed in the research and development process. From aero/ hydrodynamic optimisation to structural analysis and process development, we can apply this to a variety of projects.

The core of our business is constant innovation through research and development which benfits our clients.

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