Our most ambitious moth to date

The Lithium pushed us to the limit in terms of design and build. We’ve learnt a huge amount and have applied this to the all new Maverik International moth.

Aero deck layout with all controls recessed and covered
The all new Maverik hull. An evolution from our last design (Lithium) with an all new foredeck configuration for maximum airflow to the modern deck sweeper.
Solid foam sandwich carbon (coming soon) or soft tramp wing frame, fully able to pack down for shipping to events
A subtle evolution of the Lithium Gantry. Softer lines and paint matched (optional) to the hull
Maverik verticals and Swift horizontals by Damic Designs. Curret top speed in a Lithium is 30.7 knots. Can the Maverik go faster?
Deck grip by Harken. The lightest most efficient deck grip currently on the market.

There is no doubt that the limited edition Lithium was ambitious. The Maverik is a natural evolution with the emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency. The design fully lends itself to the new era of deck sweeper sails with the reduced foredeck, wing frame and clean lines.

You've built an impressive boat that sails exceptionally well.

John Edwards

I've sailed her in all conditions and she just keeps going faster. She's breaking me now after 30 plus hours in the boat 🙂

Gareth Davies